A man with steel blue eyes in black leathers.


Winter was a bounty-hunter and a member of the Bloodhound guild. He was a tall human with blue eyes, white hair (thus the name Winter, I assume) with a huge slash-shaped scar over his right eye.

We were in a cantina, the nicest one in all of Dors in fact, when we had our run in with him. I, Wellby Highborough, was hiding under a table full of ‘grizzled looking humans’ when he saw me, tapped me on the shoulder and placed a small silver dagger (sheathed) into my lap. At this point he proceeded to leave the cantina.

Later in our adventure he approached us and needed to speak with our group outside; we complied since at the time he was holding myself at least a foot off the ground, by the neck, with a poleaxe. After leading us quite some way into the desert he simply told us that he was sent to tell us to ‘quit dilly-dallying and get to the mission’. He then left town and we have not run into him again… yet.



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